About Plan On It

You can’t plan for the specific issues you’ll face during your retirement unless you know what you’re up against, and The Eight Distinct Retirement Profiles™ in Plan On It will provide you with the basic knowledge you’ll need to clearly communicate your goals to your Financial Planner and the rest of your team.

You’ll be able to take a look at the lives of people who have not only quit working, but gone on to enjoy increasing levels of retirement success.

You’ll be better equipped to define progress, discuss the obstacles that you face beyond just investment returns and have more meaningful conversations with your peers and your Financial Planner. Without a clear picture of what you want, it’s hard to get your team to understand your intentions well enough to implement a plan.

Plan on It is about gaining perspective about the kind of lifestyle you’d like to live in retirement and turning that perspective into a renewed sense of value and purpose, even if you’re already retired!

About Jeremy Overton:

As an advisor, coach and local leader, Jeremy Overton has spent the last 12 years educating and motivating individuals, families, and business owners who are interested in having a greater impact on their communities, the people they love, and the causes they support.

Both as an author and presenter, Overton provides a framework for his audience to understand and simplify the complex ideas and problems they face. You can’t leave his presentations without increased clarity about where you are and what’s next for you and your business.

Jeremy’s presentations are designed for entrepreneurs who are looking to clean up messes in their organization, gain a competitive edge, or distinguish themselves from competitors in the marketplace.  Jeremy offers these services through The Overton Network.

A graduate of Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana, Jeremy and his wife, Tara, live and work in Haubstadt, Indiana.

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About Mark Weaver

Mark Weaver has been in the financial services business for over 27 years with the same company. His concentration over the last 15 years has been charitable and estate planning. Mark has helped numerous families set up legacy plans through a variety of vehicles including community and family foundations, colleges, universities, and donor advised funds.

Mark is a gifted and passionate speaker who has conducted estate and charitable seminars to several colleges in the area such as Henderson Community College, Madisonville Community College, Hopkinsville Community College, Kentucky Wesleyan College, and Lindsey Wilson College.

Mark educates and motivates individuals, families, and business owners to clarify the purpose of their life and their wealth. He helps them think deeply about what’s possible, affirm what they really care about, and confidently plan to make a significant impact on the people, causes and organizations they care about most.

He and his wife Cindy have two sons, Jesse and Warren