Donor Professionals


Redefining Retirement Success

When I talk with audiences about The Eight Distinct Retirement Profiles™
it’s all about them; their fears, the challenges they face and the impact that they’re capable of.

We’ve seen results by suggesting these types of gifts.

The Eight Distinct Retirement Profiles™ Presentation provides small and large
donors with a framework to help communicate their goals to their financial professionals
and reinforce the importance of giving in their financial plan.

I’ll show them how to find the answers to the biggest questions

“How are we doing compared to others our age?”

“How can we be sure we aren’t going to run out of money?”

“How do we balance providing for our children and
including charitable giving in our estate plan?”


In just a few short sessions, either online

or in person, donor professionals can quickly

learn the 8DRP conversation and how to use it

to educate and encourage their donors to

develop a planned giving mindset.

Contact Us to learn more about how you can start having more
valuable and productive conversations with your donors today.